Cosmo WorkOutWelcome to “What’s In My Bag”, featuring your favorite TMB Instructors! As fitness lovers, we lead very busy lives. Whether we’re teaching five classes in one day with a dance audition in between, running from studio to studio, or need to get ready for date night right after teaching a packed class, we’re always prepared!

Our first “What’s In My Bag” post features our feisty, fierce, curly-haired beauty Liz Sanchez! This woman is non-stop, from teaching at TMB, running to meetings, and carving out her own time to squeeze in a workout, she carries these essentials to keep her feeling great throughout the day. Check it out!



“As a full time professional and all around fitness enthusiast, my bag requires quick fixes to keep me peppy and on point! I need everything from hydration to lip gloss to keep me going through my day!”

 Inside Liz’s bag:

• 26 oz of water

• Instructor kit (microphone/lavender spray/breath mints)

• Bandana

• Kale, tomato and grilled chicken Mini lunch

• Gum

• Sanitizer

• Verveine perfume

• Alba Botanica Hawaiian Coconut lip gloss

• Make Up Forever lipstick

• Lip exfoliant

• Emergency kit (equipped with mini hairspray, nail polish remover, etc.)

• Retro Super Future shades

• Peanut back massager

• TMB grippy socks

• iPhone portable charger

So, what tips and tricks can you take from Liz?

  1. Carry a healthy lunch and plenty of water to keep you energized and hydrated.
  2. Have enough beauty products on hand for touch ups when needed.
  3. When you have some time to relax, give your muscles some love with a portable massager.

 Care to share what you carry in your bag? Comment below and share your own tips for when you’re on the go!



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