Developed by Audra Skaates, The Main Barre is an effective fitness method that incorporates dance, Pilates, and yoga into a fun, low-impact workout with visible results. The Main Barre is complete program that integrates lightweight resistance training, core-strengthening exercises, isometric movements, and incredible stretches. Every class increases your strength, boosts your stamina, and sculpts your body.


THE MAIN BODY is our signature class! This 1 hour workout blends dance, pilates, and yoga-inspired moves with a great playlist for a fun, fast-paced experience. THE MAIN BODY is a 4 part workout that targets arms, thighs, core and glutes with rehabilitating stretches throughout. Open to all levels. Mat, weights, and resistance bands provided. You will burn about 300 to 500 calories per session. We recommend taking this class 3 times a week to see significant results.


Get LIFTED, with YOGA SCULPT! This one-hour class is heat infused, set to 90 degrees, geared to make you sculpt and sweat. Combing ALL our signature workouts into one, a little barre, yoga and rock-hard, you are guaranteed to get you early morning, full-body workout to maximize best results! Get up and go!


THE MAIN BARRE – BRING YOUR SHOES! ROCK HARD is a targeted workout series for GLUTES + ABS.  Get moving with an intense cardio warm-up that’ll burn calories, then take it to the barre for a focused training sesh that will leave you with lean, toned abs and strong shapely glutes. Advanced students only. You will burn about 300 to 500 calories per session. We recommend taking this class after 1 FOUNDATION PACK or 5 sessions of THE MAIN BODY.


THE MAIN BARRE – CANDLELIGHT FLOW is our extended FULL BODY class with a little added heat! With a variety of restorative and vinyasa styled yoga, along with everything barre,this 75 minute class is perfect for those looking to boost flexibility or do a relaxing, yet effective workout after a long day. Water is provided, however we recommend bringing a beverage with electrolytes. Open to all levels.


POWER CORE is ALL ABOUT ABS ! A fun, 30-Minute Blast Class designed to define your ABS! Your core is the center of you, this class will not only target your abs, but will strengthen your low back while enhancing your GLUTES! A targeted workout to create speedy results of your power house, this class is ALL about creating results for YOU! This Class Drop-In is ONLY $15! Sign-up ahead of time online!


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