Life has been happening, as it tends to do, but I’m back to fulfill my promise with my barre story!

“I know a lot of people work out for different reasons – fitness, wedding goals, a trip to Mexico with your friends, stress relief, to be able to eat Porto’s potato balls without a second thought (that’s me!)

I’ve done the whole strict regimen thing – having spent 4 hours a day in the pool, swimming 5 miles a day when I was younger, for almost a decade.  This was for proving to colleges that I was determined, strong, and dedicated.  The result – BURNOUT!  I can now barely complete a 50-yard sprint without the light of the heavens parting to welcome me.

Fast-forward to snowboarding somewhat-competitively for several years and moving to the Eastern Sierras to have some soul-filling nature-filled snow-ventures.  This was for fearless altitude-pushing, adrenaline, good ol’-fashioned fun times with friends and like-minded adventurists that craved the uncharted paths of fun in perfect Mama Pacha.  The result – bajillion injuries, concussions, stitches.  Well, I still do this.

Now, blessed to be robustly in my 30s, I have been coming to Audra’s perfect little barre studio to consolidate my mental and physical health needs.  From my swimming days, I know how to dig deep and keep pushing through the pain and reward to complete her challenging sets.  From my snowboarding days, I use Audra’s injury-friendly muscles and movements from to strengthen the joints that have been obliterated by thousands of sketchy landings and falls.  Note: I used to suffer from chronic knee pain, taking joint supplements and heating pads to alleviate my discomfort.  Sitting for more than 30 minutes had me squirming around – imagine me in le traffique?!

The result – NO MORE KNEE PAIN, stronger core, stamina to complete 20-mile back-country hikes, and most importantly, a booty that defies my Asian genetics.  Mentally, this is a place where the music reminds me of the spice to motivate me to keep swiveling and tucking (which BTW gave me incredible mental nervous laughter in the beginning, but now I tuck while I brush my teeth).   The heart put into her space reminds me to keep pushing and reaching for your goals.  The humble and welcoming safety of the studio to leave all my worries, fear of judgement, and life stressors at the door, and the support from Audra to be nothing but who I am.  Audra is more than a fitness guru and kick-ass entrepreneur.  She has become a blazing representation for dominating humbly and with heart.

I tried many a yoga, Bikram, yoga flow, gym workout.  I even left The Main Barre for almost a year after I changed jobs because it was too far.  The result – I hurt my neck just getting up from the bed, and felt like a fluffy Grumpelstitskin (spelling?!) because I knew I had to get my body back into gear.  I tried a barre studio directly across the street from my work with a Groupon I found.  The result – a soulless, boring, disengaged badly choreographed hour.  It also smelled bad.  I knew right then and there that TMB was where I needed to be.  Coming back to TMB has been everything I remembered it to be.  A workout that feels like you’re just dancing with friends.

Thank you Audra, for sharing your passion and dreams with us through The Main Barre.”


The Main Barre has been my go-to studio for nearly five years and has become my home away from home.  Audra’s energy, talent and encouragement makes for fun and challenging classes and builds a warm and inviting community.  Her passion shines through the studio, staff, classes and her students’ results.  

Over the years, The Main Barre  has not only become a place for me to keep in shape, but it has been a vital place for me to refocus my mind, stay inspired and achieve goals in all areas of my life.  Audra and The Main Barre team have been an integral part in healing my injured hamstring, running my first marathon, toning up before my wedding and deciding to open my own business.  

The motivation and results you receive from Audra, The Main Barre and the community they have created stretches far beyond the barre.