TMB-IMG_1386How often do you get 60 Minutes for just YOU? A Sweaty 60 minute workout well spent is sometimes all you need to align your heart, mind and soul. It brings a sense of clarity and unity for a good day, or even a better week. After all, don’t we workout to feel good? I think we can agree we don’t walk away from workouts saying, “Wow, you know, I really regret that, because I just feel awful right now!” Working out isn’t always about just the physical, right? Sometimes it’s about getting out of your mind and making powerful choices for you. In class when I teach, I often say, “Make it to your mat, get what you need.” Regardless of our own individual goals and ambitions, I think we can all agree, fundamentally speaking, that we all strive for happiness, to feel good, and strong, right?

Personally speaking, after a fun fitness morning of teaching at The Main Barre, I took a very vital 60 minutes to myself today and attended one of my favorite workouts, Hot Yoga Sculpt, with one of my favorite trainers and instructors in LA, Omar Lopez (a.k.a Jessica Alba’s Trainer), and wow am I glad I did. I truly believe and whole heartedly know energy is contagious… sometimes it takes one person, class, thought or designation, to truly shift you in an amazing way. I truly couldn’t think of a better way to set the intention for a good work week, the opportunity to clear your mind, set and command your goals. Remember this, showing up for you is never selfish, it’s amazing what even 60 minutes for YOU can do. How can you give back, when you don’t take care of you, and give to yourself first? You have to and that’s perfectly in itself A-OK! Sometimes you gotta just sweat & reset, feed yourself, nourish your heart, mind, and soul. It’s quite an empowering feeling, watch what transpires and how you energetically show up in a room, commit to yourself and those around you… Be kind, live LOVE❤️ And come train with me @themainbarre this week, teaching 8 classes for YOU! Happy Monday Everyone! 🙏

Written By,

Audra Skaates

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